Dr. Barbara Fox



My Journey in Veterinary Medicine
Hello, I'm Dr. Barb Fox, an associate veterinarian at Pawsitive Pet Care. My career, spanning over three decades, has been a heartfelt journey from traditional veterinary practices to a holistic approach that I passionately embrace today. I graduated from Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1994, and since then, my mission has been to ensure the well-being of animals through both conventional and natural medical practices.

A Shift Towards Holistic Healing
My path took a significant turn in 2007 when I faced a personal health challenge that profoundly changed my professional outlook. This experience led me to explore holistic medicine, and now, I treat my patients focusing on natural remedies, including nutrition, whole food supplementation, and aromatherapy. My guiding principle is to provide "hope where no hope exists," treating the entire body and not just the symptoms.

Why I Chose Veterinary Medicine
My love for animals dates back to my childhood, making the decision to become a veterinarian a natural one. The most fulfilling aspect of my job is witnessing the recovery of animals, especially those with bleak prognoses. The connection I share with pets and their owners during consultations, the joy of feeding treats to dogs, and hearing kitties purr are moments I treasure deeply.

Life Beyond the Clinic
When I'm not at the clinic, you'll find me outdoors, spending quality time with my two retired horses, or indulging in my hobby of rockhounding along serene streams and ravines. These activities reflect my profound appreciation for nature and the tranquility it offers.

My Educational and Professional Background
My foundational training at Iowa State University equipped me with a robust understanding of veterinary medicine, which I have built upon throughout my career. Whether running a mobile veterinary practice or serving in various clinics, each experience has reinforced my commitment to integrating holistic care into veterinary medicine. My involvement with the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association and contributions to veterinary science through publications and books underscore my dedication to advancing holistic pet care.

The Joy of Veterinary Care
Seeing animals respond positively to treatment and witnessing their journeys to recovery are the highlights of my profession. My approach to veterinary care is deeply rooted in a commitment to improving the lives of animals through a blend of traditional and holistic methods.

A Warm Invitation
I am proud and grateful to be a part of Pawsitive Pet Care’s team, where we prioritize compassionate, comprehensive care for your pets. I invite you to visit us and experience the unique approach to veterinary care that I, along with our dedicated team, provide. Together, we are committed to the health and happiness of your cherished pets.