Dr. Bradley Kneeland


Owner, Veterinarian

I graduated from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1993. I returned to Waterloo, the city my family had lived in since the late 70s. I was hired by Doctors Winegarden, Guldner, and Reilly as an associate doctor. replacing doctor Winegarden who was retiring. This is the practice my family would use for our own pets and the practice that I began to job shadow and eventually work at as an assistant while I was in high school and during the summer while I was in undergraduate studies at ISU. I became a partner in 1996 at Drs. Reilly & Kneeland Veterinary Associates.

I lived up to the old adage that the profession chose me at an early age. As early as I can remember I was driving my parents crazy by trying to save every critter I would encounter including field mice much to my mothers chagrin. My favorite program to watch was Wild Kingdom. Ironically I suffered from a serious dog attack when I was a young child and became very fearful of dogs. My parents' MD told them if they ever wanted me to “grow out of that” they should get a dog. And so Missy, our first dog was brought into the family. My fear of dogs disappeared and the rest is history. Ironically also, that dog bit me more times than any other dog I have met in my life. Animals have always been all-encompassing for me.

There are so many aspects of veterinary care that I enjoy. Interacting with both patients and their owners, establishing a bond over the great things we receive by inviting pets into our lives is always remarkable. Walking with pet parents through difficult conversations or situations. Seeing the joy pets bring into the lives of people especially people who may be facing difficult situations themselves. Realizing that sometimes a person's best friend and confidant may be the fuzzy face that is sitting next to them or on their lap in the exam room. Getting to work with an exceptional staff on a daily basis. I could go on and on!

I love the outdoors, especially if it involves my family. Faith is especially important to my family and plays a significant role in helping navigate the difficult areas in the practice. I love to travel and spend time with my beautiful wife when we get the opportunity. I am also an avid fan of all things ISU Cyclones!

The variety of patients I work with on a daily basis and getting to know the pet parents more personally. I love the opportunity to be with my patients from the very first day I meet them and also be with their families to help them through the challenging decisions they need to make towards the end of their lives. I enjoy educating the public about concerns they should be aware of, as well as easing their fears when they hear of potential problems that seem to be untrue.

Iowa State University, 1985-1993, Veterinary Medicine Degree, DVM