Registered Veterinary Technician

Jess is an Iowa native who graduated from Kirkwood Community College's Veterinary Technology program in 2003.  She has practiced since then and joined the Pawsitive Pet Care team in 2009.  

Jess loves spoiling all the fury kids that come through the doors at the clinic.  She is a self-proclaimed pet-dental aficionado... in other words, she loves cleaning pet's teeth!  She also loves assisting and monitoring surgeries as well as working with our exotic pet clientele. 

Jess loves the outdoors, especially if she is able to share it with friends and family.  She has two kitties she loves dearly unless they are destroying her home; they are Oreo and Leuk.  Lenny is her special little gecko friend who she uses to help educate new reptile parents so they can be successful parents as well.  Jess is also the honorary aunt of our CFO....the Tedster!